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About The Project Pawsitive Foundation

After Jill Sullivan Grueter's beloved father and chocolate labrador passed away within three months of each other, she decided her life needed a change.

"I wanted to do something bigger than myself," she says. So the New Hampshire writer and longtime animal lover visited a local horse rescue with buildings in need of TLC. "I thought, 'These people are so wonderful,'" she recalls. "I will do whatever it takes to renovate their shelter and do whatever it took to do it myself.'" 

Sullivan Grueter, her friend Drew Davis, and two other handy contractor friends created their own version of Extreme Makeover Animal Edition, calling it The Project Pawsitive Foundation. She raised the $30,000 needed to give the horse rescue a complete overhaul including new waterlines to replace the ones that had ruptured from freezing New England temperatures, a new roof to fix the gapping hole letting water and snow through, new paddock space for the horses, and even a bright red paint job!

Since then, The Project Pawsitive Team has raised over a quarter of a million dollars to renovate rescues in need. Check out all of their renovations on their YouTube page by clicking here

The Project Pawsitive Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit and is based in beautiful Portsmouth, NH. To contact us, visit our website