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best pet for my family -

Written By Melissa Magnuson, DVM Proud Supporter of Project Pawsitive Choosing a pet for your family should be a decision discussed by all family members. Many pets do not fit certain lifestyles and pets are a large financial obligation. A cat may “cost” $25 to adopt at the local shelter but after buying food, litter boxes, “cat-proofing” your home and veterinary care, it can cost as much as $700 per year! Be sure to do all your research and make sure the pet you choose fits your life and your pocket book.  There are many pets to choose from starting...

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heart murmur -

WRITTEN BY: Chris Paquette, CVT Port City Referral Hospital - Proud Supporter of Project Pawsitive So, you have just taken your dog to your veterinarian for the annual wellness examination, or you just adopted a puppy and are bringing her in for her first veterinary visit, or perhaps your faithful companion of many years has seemed less energetic lately and you just want to make sure everything is all right. As part of a thorough examination, your veterinarian will listen to your dogs’ heart.  This will give your veterinarian more information than you know.  They listen to the heart rate,...

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